Special Needs Programmes

Program Focus

We tailor our programs to provide our pupils a strong academic foundation supplemented by behaviour management to equip them for mainstream schooling or pursuit of vocational skills. Our programs start with Early Intervention for young children from as early as 2 years old, followed by the Nursery program and the Pre-School Kindergarten program to prepare children for entry into mainstream schools. We hope to develop mature, independent individuals with the necessary academic foundation and life skills to life independently, hold jobs and pursue happiness.

We recognize the critical role that parents and care-givers play in the development of a special needs child. We extend our resources to parents and care-givers in the form of Parent Training and Education programs to help parents cope with the challenges of raising their special needs children.

Our Special Needs Focus

St Gerard's provides programs for children who require help in learning and behaviour management. Our special needs areas of focus include

Learning Disabilities
Asperger's Syndrome
Down Syndrome